Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) is a youth leadership camp that gives high school students hands-on active learning activities and sessions to build on their own leadership skills. RYLA 5580 is sponsored by Rotary International District 5580 for a week each summer at the University of Minnesota Crookston campus.
It is operated and staffed by volunteer Rotarians, Rotaractors, and past Rylarians from Rotary International District 5580 (which includes all of North Dakota, the northern half of Minnesota, and portions of Wisconsin and Ontario). Individual Rotary Clubs pay all of the fees for each camper. RYLArians incur no cost for attending this week of great learning.

Camp RYLA was an experience I will truly never forget. It I attended camp RYLA a couple of summers ago. I was lucky and went as a young high school student. Being I am still in high school, I have been able to use the helpful life-skills I learned at RYLA everyday. I loved camp RYLA and everything about it. RYLA prepares you for your future and gives you the skills to have a higher level of communication and understanding of yourself and of others. Thank you camp RYLA!

– Maize F. 2013


Empower youth to lead

Rotary International District 5580's RYLA Camp strives to help high school seniors identify, understand, and develop their personal leadership qualities. While students comes to camp at different points in their leadership development, the facilitators and staff work closely with each student to help them build on their strengths. While no camp experience is identical, the focus of camp remains consistent:

  • Help campers understand the fundamentals and challenges of being a leader
  • Introduce and refine leadership skills (e..g, communication and problem solving)
  • Encourage campers to take active and positive roles in their communities


Discover new leadership abilities

Camp RYLA uses a number of tools to help campers develop self awareness and hone their leadership skills. RYLArians will gain valuable insights about themselves and the world through engaging presentations, experiential activities, small-group discussions, and connecting with their peers. RYLA helps campers refine the leadership skills they already possess and supports them as they think of ways they can use those skills in their home communities.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Rotary Four-Way Test

FISH! Philosophy


Learn by overcoming new challenges

Camp RYLA uses a number of hands-on activities to provide practical demonstrations for the lessons being taught and help campers evaluate how they work with others. By combining a philosophy of "Challenge by Choice" with a safe and supportive atmosphere, RYLArians are encouraged to take measured risks and try new things.


Discuss and exchange new ideas

Volunteer facilitators work with small groups of students to help them connect the lessons they are learning throughout the week with their past experiences and the things they hope to accomplish when they return from camp. Camp RYLA strives to create a safe atmosphere - free from negative pressures and distractions - where students can find new ways to challenge themselves. Throughout the week, RYLArians will collaboratively explore how to communicate with others, resolve conflicts, act with integrity and be a role model for others.


Have fun and meet new friends

Planned and impromptu activities are occur through the week to give RYLArians the opportunity to meet peers from across District 5580 , learn about one another, and start to build friendships that last a lifetime.

Fine Dining

Water Park

Dance + Games

Talent Show

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